Student Services

Student Services

The university seeks to enrich the quality of student life by providing a variety of academic and non-academic counseling, referral, professional development, recreational and social opportunities through the Office of Student Affairs.

Academic Counseling

For students who want additional instruction, the Student Office has established the “SVU Student Learning Center,” which can help students arrange either private or small group tutorial sessions.

The Student Learning Center offers more informal counseling sessions. It is to help students do well on their class work. At the same time, it also helps students identify and pursue their career goals, providing advice and suggestions on non-classroom aspects of the academic process including realistic career recognition and selection, time and workload management, stress reduction and strategies for dealing with academic fatigue or burnout.

Non-Academic Counseling and Referrals

Recognizing that life in general, and academic life in particular, is filled with complexity and confusion, the Student Office provides a wide array of counseling and referral services designed to assist students with their non-academic concerns, including conflict resolution, as well as referrals to housing services, health services and legal services.

Professional Development

To assist students in locating and securing employment opportunities, the Student Office offers several workshops designed to cultivate students’ professional development, including, resume reviewing, interview coaching, and an employment bulletin service.

Recreational and Social Opportunities

The university seeks to foster a sense of community among the members of the university by encouraging social interactions and experiences. The university primarily pursues this goal through two university- sponsored organizations: The Student Association and the Alumni Association.

Student Association and Alumni Association

The Student Association and Alumni Association seek to encourage the development of university community by organizing and providing recreational and social opportunities designed to unite students by introducing them socially to one another and to enrich their academic experience by providing access to local cultural and recreational venues.

Student Housing

The university currently provides no housing for students. The university, through the Office of Student Affairs, can assist students in locating suitable housing in the area. The university, however, is not responsible for locating or providing housing for its students. Housing near the university is not difficult to find. However, rent for one bedroom apartments in the vicinity of the university currently average about $1,500 per month. Some of our students have found housing by renting rooms in private residences. Rooms typically range from $450 to $700 per month, and usually include full privileges for the kitchen, laundry, living room and other common areas of the residence. The Student Office can provide assistance to students interested in exploring this option for securing housing.

Student Transportation

Airport Pickup Services:

Student Financial Assistance

Silicon Valley University does not participate in federal or state financial aid. A student deciding to enroll in an unaccredited institution is not eligible to federal aid financial programs. However, there are some available positions of on-campus jobs available every trimester. Office Assistant, Teaching Assistant/Grader, Tutor, and Library Assistant positions are available to qualified graduate level students. Selection will be based on academic achievements, course requirements, and prior experiences, as well as the school’s current budget availability during each trimester.

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