Mission & Goals

The primary mission of Silicon Valley University (SVU) is to provide excellent educational programs to equip and prepare students with the right set of knowledge and skills for careers in the high tech industry.

This mission is accomplished by leveraging Silicon Valley’s expertise in technology to:

  • Provide students with faculty who are experts in their field and are currently working in the high tech industry and sectors;
  • Provide students with a learning environment that utilizes the latest available technology in use in the work place;
  • Prepare students with the practical skills necessary for performing at the highest levels in their chosen professions;
  • Develop the capacity for independent and critical thinking; promote entrepreneurship by encouraging innovations and new ideas for business initiatives and product development.

Campus Description


SVU is located in Silicon Valley (San Jose, California), the hub of the US high-tech industry and global business.  The university occupies space in a Class A office building.  The 35,000 square foot office space consists of large classrooms for delivery of multimedia presentations to large groups and smaller classrooms for small-group discussions. Other facilities of the university include the Learning Resource Center / Library, Computer Lab, Conference Rooms, Recreation Room, and Student’s break area which are all available for students during school hours. The Student Office and other administrative offices provide needful assistance to students 5 days a week.

Mobile Internet Services

To support mobile internet and cloud computing, the whole digital campus is fully covered by 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi access points back-hauled to FE/GE/10-GE backbone network switch hierarchic in the 7/24 air-conditioned private data center.

Via Wi-Fi access point and backbone switch infra-structure plus internet, students, faculty, and staff can use mobile internet devices (i.e., Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Android Tablet, Android Phone, Macbook Air, Google Tablet, Ultrabook, or Microsoft Surface) to access cloud computing inside the whole campus.  When the license is permitted through proxy servers, students can then access any software tools from anywhere at any time. Student’s learning experience cannot be made easier with all these services.

The University


Virtual Tour of Silicon Valley University Campus

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